Apede Mod was founded in 2016 in New York city. Each bag presents high-quality contemporary with great attention to shape, color, and utility.
Apede Mod is founded by working women to support other women in living fun and same time looking elegant. We strive to provide confidence through art; and convenience through design.
Quality is a must.
Therefore, we sourced the best small studios to make our designs alive.
Every fabric, every zipper, and every stitch is hand picked, and done by true artisans.

Despite the fact that our products are designed with a sense of ease, the product should still convey luxury.
Everything has the potential to be redesigned.
Apede Mod is founded because we realized there’s a need for change. 
And we will continue to hustle and reshape our products based on the adapting needs from our users. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out for suggestions! We will work hard to create the best products we can.