Apede Mod was founded in 2016 in New York city, by two girl friends in their search for the perfect go-to bag.
Apede Mod is founded to support other women in living fun and same time looking elegant.
Each bag is designed with great attention to shape, color and utility. Our goal for each bag is to achieve convenience through design and confidence through art.
Each bag is designed with inspiration from nature, vintage pieces, architecture and modern culture. Working with the top small ateliers each fabric, zipper and stitch is done by hand by true masters of their craft.
“APEDE” is derived from ancient Egyptian god named Apedemak, meaning courage and independence. “MOD” stands for modern, symbolizes the spirit of independence and vitality.
Apede Mod was created because we realized there was a need for change. We advocate women to explore their free will; thus we design each of our bags with ingenuity, to make every “Apede Mod Girl” feels confident no matter in what situation. In one word, we want women and girls to be independent, strong, and unique of their own. Our goal is to continue to produce luxury goods with a sense of ease about them.